Green GOOD DESIGN Sustainability Awards – Green Architecture 2023

Fusion on FirstGreen GOOD DESIGN Sustainability Awards goal is to bestow international recognition to those outstanding individuals, companies, organizations, governments, and institutions – together with their products, services, programs, ideas, and concepts-that have forwarded exceptional thinking and inspired greater progress toward a more healthier and more sustainable universe.

Emblematic of abioclimatic approach, the 283,000-square-foot building was designed to address the unique challenges presented by the extremes of a harsh desert environment. Its mass was formed into a L-shape, placing as much of its surface area facing northeast to lower heat gain. The building is wrapped in floor-to-ceiling glass shaded by façade overhangs, ultra-high strength cementitious cladding and insulated metal panels, which keep the facility cool. To diffuse natural light, self-shading and proper glass orientation were optimized through iterative data-driven daylight and energy simulations conceived with simulation software that yielded a façade design that reduces energy use up to 17%. The result is a building that draws in maximum daylight while both reducing glare and keeping the interiors cool, ensuring thermal comfort, and supporting the well-being of those working and living at Fusion on First.