Greer Bisignani

Office Administrator

Greer assists in the day-to-day administrative operations of the home office in Birmingham, Alabama. In addition to ensuring the CDP office runs smoothly, Greer provides support in various areas of office operations including: IT, vendor relations, project development and marketing. “Over the years, I have worked with some of the brightest, innovative and hard-working people that are the heartbeat of Capstone Development Partners. While each project is unique, the work ethic and sense of duty poured into each operation is very much the same.”

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As a mother of six and “mother-in-love” of two, our family like my CDP family is in constant motion.  Our children (ages 16 – 33) are all in various stages of life but united as followers of Christ. My greatest passion is serving our church family and the communities we touch. My husband and I will soon be “empty- nesters” and we look forward to continuing our walk in faith and dedication to one another. While we have no grandchildren just yet, we are looking forward to those fun-filled days ahead.

Snapshots from Greer Bisignani