Dan Bethers

Construction Manager

Dan brings 26 years total of construction experience to the Capstone team. Rejoining the CDP team in 2020, he previously spent 6 years at Capstone focusing on-campus and campus-edge student housing, overseeing the construction of over 4,500 beds of housing in a variety of construction types and in both urban and suburban markets – from Ohio to Florida to the mid-Atlantic. Dan will coordinate with the development management staff while working side-by-side with each Project’s Design-Build team. He provides critical project oversight of all project documentation, change requests, quality control and project closeout and he will be on-site regularly to monitor the construction schedule and budget-to-actual reports helping the team monitor and achieve an on-time and in-budget project delivery.

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Get to Know Me

I truly enjoy meeting new people and building relationships, when we understand each other we can truly overcome our differences and strengthen each other and our communities. I love spending time with my wife and 4 children, (2 boys and 2 girls). In my spare time I can be found coaching youth sports, helping around the community or starting a new project at my house. My hobbies include, baseball, football, basketball, golf, camping, fishing, hunting and the annual mud run to keep things in perspective.

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