Profiles in Student Housing: Interview with Mike Mouron

Student Housing Insight Podcast – In this Student Housing Insight Podcast hosted by Wes Deese, Wes interviews Mike Mouron, founder of the Capstone Companies.  Mike was the founder and CEO of Capstone Development Corp which was an industry pioneer and leader of the student housing niche until 2012 when the company was split into 4 separate companies, each with a unique focus on both on and off-campus student housing.  Mike orchestrated one of the first P3 projects that utilized a 501c3 housing foundation, tax exempt bond financing, and a university land lease which drastically changed the landscape of student housing.  In May 2022, Mike is being awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from Student Housing Business magazine at the 14th annual Interface Student Housing Conference.


Click here to listen to the interview with Mike Mouron.