Innovation Village

Florida Atlantic University

  • Location: Boca Raton, FL
  • Deliver Year: 2011
  • Beds: 1216
  • Size: 489,274 sq/ft.
  • Transaction Type: NFP / Tax-Exempt
  • Construction Duration: 17 months
  • Unit Type: Apartments
  • Amenity Spaces:
    Office, Outdoor Recreation, Retail, Pool, Academic

In 2011, Capstone Development partnered with Florida Atlantic University to develop Innovation Village, a new 1,216-bed on-campus residential community. Students are housed in single-occupancy bedrooms in a mix of 375 four bedroom/ two bath suites and two bedroom/two bathroom suites. The site design includes two complimentary buildings that encapsulate a courtyard that includes a sand volleyball court and a pool on an approximately 10-acre site. The buildings are 7 and 8 stories and feature modern skin materials of glass and rubbed concrete, complimenting other campus buildings evocative of the South Florida vernacular. There are academic and recreational amenities, management offices and a convenience store within the community. The Project achieved LEED Gold Certification. Among the environmentally conscious initiatives incorporated into Innovation Village are sunshades over east, south and west facing windows to temper thermal gain, a high-efficiency chilled water plant HVAC system and water conserving fixtures.