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Construction Begins on New Residence Hall at Lynn University

Boca Raton, FL - Lynn University alongside its finance, development, design and construction teams officially broke ground on a new residence hall. The $40.5 million building will provide affordable, university housing for 342 upperclassmen. It’s set to open for the Fall 2022 semester. The project is in collaboration with Capstone Development Partners, a national student housing developer, and its […]

The Closing Team’s Roadmap for a Timely and Successful Financial Closing

Late nights and early mornings. Poring over the details of every document. Reminding others what they said they would do. Being reminded of what you said you would do. Double-checking your checklist. Tracking down signatures. All for a BIG day — financial closing. Marked in red on your calendar. A week (or at least a day) of vacation following. The BIG day comes. Everyone […]

Achieving the Final 5 Percent of the Construction Schedule

With June comes summer, outdoor activities, family vacations, baseball, and pool time.  In student housing development and construction, it also brings crunch-time and urgency to finish the construction of projects in time for occupancy as students return for the fall semester.  For the project and university teams, this crunch-time means focusing on punch activities, getting […]

Coffee Chat with Jeff Jones, Principal

As part of our Coffee Chat series, a Capstone employee will be interviewed each month and featured in our monthly newsletter, The Erudite. For the June issue, the editors of The Erudite sat down with Jeff Jones. Jeff has been in the student housing P3 industry for over 30 years, first joining Capstone in 1991. He enjoys […]

Exploring Creative Graduate Student Housing Solutions

Affordable housing for graduate students is in short supply.  In 2018, Chancellor Gary May at the University of California – Davis appointed a taskforce specifically to examine student housing affordability for the campus.  Among the many challenges identified by this task force, they noted the increasing gap between stagnant graduate student income and rapidly escalating rental […]

Strategies for Developing Affordable New Graduate Student Housing

The housing crisis experienced by graduate students across the country is a growing issue for many colleges and universities. Capstone has seen increased activity by many colleges and universities seeking opportunities and creative solutions in response to the need for more affordable housing options for graduate students and graduate students with families.  The effects of increasing […]

Space Efficient Unit Design for Graduate Students

When designing the interiors for affordable housing for graduate students, the goal is to create inviting, functional spaces that students will enjoy living in and that can be efficiently designed since every square foot built is part of the overall building cost. The interior design team works closely with the university, developer and architect to […]

Investors Evaluating the Good of Your Institution

You may have heard the acronym ESG in the news recently. The three letters have gained international attention in the last year as a pandemic, natural disasters, and social unrest have provided unsettling reminders of the enormous influence institutions have on society. ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance, and refers to the three central […]