Higher Ed in 2021

Happy New Year!  2020 was a tough and challenging year for many of us, certainly those of us operating in the higher education space.  It was uniquely a year that most of us are glad to have behind us.  Never have we seen so many significant, challenging situations — social, medical and environmental, all seemingly […]

Coffee Chat with Tonia Christensen, VP Legal Affairs and General Counsel

Coffee Chat with Tonia Christensen As part of our Coffee Chat series, a Capstone employee will be interviewed each month and featured in our monthly newsletter, The Erudite. For the January issue, the editors of The Erudite sat down with Tonia Christensen. Tonia joined Capstone in 2006 and since then has been an instrumental part of the […]

Development and Construction Managers’ Lessons Learned from 2020

There is something to be said about never letting a good crisis go to waste.  At the core of that statement is a notion to look past the negative and search for the positive.  One of the positives from 2020 is that conditions around the pandemic and the volatility in certain markets has required CDP […]

Blue Sky 2020: Corporate Huddle

Since 2012, CDP has held an annual end of year Blue Sky Corporate Huddle all-staff meeting. The tradition has allowed the company a pause to reflect back on the year to discuss what we did well, what we could have done better and what we foresee in the years ahead for our company. What is […]

Capstone Interiors Looking Back on 2020

Capstone Interiors (CI) joined CDP in mid-June 2020 during the busiest time of the year for us when we were coordinating furniture installations for multiple projects – in addition to being in a pandemic.  We quickly adapted to the challenges and protocols created due to COVID-19.  CI worked with our university partners and management teams […]

Coffee Chat with Joe Harrison, Sr Construction Manager

As part of our Coffee Chat series, a Capstone employee will be interviewed each month and featured in our monthly newsletter, The Erudite. For the December issue, the editors of The Erudite sat down with Joe Harrison. Joe joined Capstone in 1994 and throughout his tenure at Capstone has led the construction management divisions of the company […]

Finding Your Project Champion

If you’ve ever attended a P3 conference you’ve heard this before, “the most important ‘P’ in P3 is Partnership”. While that is very true, a strong, capable project champion from the university may well be next in importance, and there is a direct correlation between successful projects and partnerships with strong university project champions. So, […]

Thankfulness in Action: Addressing Food Insecurity

According to a recent article by the Association of American Medical Colleges there may be as many as 54 million people in America now facing food insecurity during the pandemic. This number has increased significantly in recent months, and news stories regarding long lines at food pantries have become more prevalent. Amidst this group, many […]

Expressing Gratitude at Capstone

It is no revelation that 2020 has had its ups and downs–with a disproportionate share of downs. Despite the constant feeling of uncertainty through the social distancing and understanding what “new normal” means, we would be remiss if we did not sit back, reflect and share our gratitude for what we have in 2020. Members […]

Avoiding Schedule Nightmares

Few things bring as much energy and excitement as making physical building improvements; either by renovating old, dated residence halls or building a new, modern, state-of-the-art campus housing project.  The sense of accomplishment from creating a meaningful addition to your university can create a euphoria of joy and excitement as you anxiously await the final […]