Property Management

CDP’s property management group provides customized student housing management services for university partners who prefer to outsource operations and facilities management while maintaining control over their campus residential life program. When the CDP Principals sat down to create the property management program, we reflected on our conversations with college and university housing departments relative to what they valued most from their private partners. The resulting company, Capstone Management Partners (CMP), is the latest and most targeted evolution of on-campus student housing operations and management.  CMP was created based on a recognized need to have a management partner that:

  • Fully appreciates, understands and can work within the context of a complex college / university structure,
  • Integrates well with a college or university who places high value on campus culture and interaction with the students while also wanting to maintain complete control over residential life programs and procedures,
  • Provides best in class customer service to student residents and the university stakeholders,
  • Offers the highest quality asset and facilities maintenance and management services,
  • Is focused on providing the best experience for student residents while also concentrating on achieving and maintaining affordability through operational efficiency and procurement diligence.

This just skims the surface of the mission of our management service. Want to learn more about CMP and how we would integrate into your campus housing? Contact our Senior Vice President for Management and Project Operations, Matt Brown to learn more more or visit the CMP website.